Authored Publications

Donya Enayati, Iman H. Enayati

Georgetown University Hospital/Washington Hospital Center

Society for Academic Emergency Medicine - 2021

Emergency department use for laceration injuries among the United States homeless population from 2009-2019

Studies have revealed that the homeless population is three times more likely than the general population to visit the emergency department (ED). Facing unsafe living conditions, the vulnerable undomiciled population has long been predisposed to developing traumatic wounds with life-threatening complications. We sought to assess the characteristics of laceration related injuries presenting to the ED among the U.S. homeless population.

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Iman H. Enayati, Aaron Kavanaugh, Fabrizio Billi Ph.D.

University of California, Los Angeles - 2021

Improving intervention adherence in infants with clubfeet using socks embedded with a pressure-sensitive fabric sensor

The Ponseti method has become widely accepted as the method of choice for clubfoot treatment, however non-adherence with foot abduction bracing in children treated with the Ponseti method is the leading risk factor for deformity recurrence. A wearable device is proposed to improve treatment adherence among patients with clubfeet while also reducing the number of skin and underlying tissue related injuries caused by inadequately positioned braces. In this white paper, we describe the construction of a novel, low-cost, and programmable sock garment equipped with a fabric pressure sensor which uses an LED indicator to validate appropriate fit in orthosis devices. Furthermore, the sock garment’s onboard low-energy bluetooth chip enables wireless transfer of data related to orthosis use to a desktop computer for further evaluation by a medical provider.

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